Friday, May 3, 2013

Staying on the positive side...

These last few days have been really rough me. Well this past month has. Since starting school and my exercise regimen my life has been super busy and stressful. I have so much on my plate, I swear I have no idea how I do it all. Juggling being a stay at home mom, student, girlfriend, vlogger on youtube, cleaning, cooking, laundry, exercising, have somewhat of a social list, etc. I just got stressed listing all of those things lol. Point is that I'm stressed, overwhelmed, and "edgy" lately.

Lately I've been focusing a lot on the negativity and "haters" in my life on Youtube. I've realized that. I put quotes around haters because I really dislike that word, mostly just the people who want to say bad things about me and say rude things to me. I have gotten a lot of subscribers the past few months, which I'm extremely grateful for, but at the same time a lot of negativity has came with it.

I always ask myself "Britney why do you care so much about what people say about you?" "Why do you always feel the need to defend yourself?" "Why can't you just ignore them?" I think it's honestly human nature. Humans want to be liked and they want acceptance from other people. I'm only human and I have feelings. I think some people think just because I'm on Youtube I'm suppose to "ignore" the negativity, but honestly  it's so easy for them to say that because they aren't in my shoes. Whenever I feel like someone is questioning my parenting, saying lies about me, beind rude with me, etc. I feel compelled to defend myself and say the truth.

If I have been snappy, defensive, rude, etc. with anyone I'm very sorry for that. I know it's not an excuse but I have had just so much going on that I'm trying to balance everything right now. That's not the person I am AT ALL. Yes if you cross me I'm not going to be the nicest person ever, but for the most part I'm a happy, nice, caring, loving, positive, and patient person, and that's the Britney I've always been. Just not lately, and I hate that.

My family means the world to me and I consider all my viewers, subscribers, fans, etc. whatever you want to call it, my family. You all are part of me life and always will be, and you have changed me in so many ways. So if anyone has been offended by me lately, I'm truly sorry and I really didn't mean it.

I am going to wrap this up now because it has gotten pretty long. But pretty much what I want to say now is that I'm committed to saying goodbye to all the negativity and I strive to be the best mother and person I can be. I'm only 19 and I'm still learning everyday as I go. I make mistakes. I say and do things I regret. I'm not perfect. I know that not everyone is going to like me, but me feeding into the negativity doesn't help AT ALL. From here on out I am staying on the positive side. I'm going to focus on the things that really matter in life, my family, friends, school, and all of you. If any of you see me commenting on anything negative you need to say "Hey Britney! Cut it out. Stop answering to all the negativity!" *Virtual slap* Lol! But seriously I write all this straight from the heart and I hope all of you understand and can forgive me for how I have been acting lately.

From now you will see the happy and positive Britney that I used to be! No more giving the negativity attention and no more defensiveness. I love you all and thank you SO MUCH for continuing on this journey with me! *Muah!*

                                                                                           -Love Always, Britney!


  1. You're such a good mom and it shows in your videos and pictures daily. You are doing amazing for being only 19 & having a plate ful! I'm 24 and a mom of a 20 month old and also a military wife so I get how stressful life can get! It gets better when you wrap yourself up in positive pretties ;) keep smiling and remember that we are all here for you :))))))

  2. I'm 20 and also a student/stay-at-home mom and cleaner, cook, wife, etc. It's crazy and sometimes I feel negativity too but you got to look at your little girl and smile and realize you're doing it all for her:) Stay positive! It makes life so much fun and easier

  3. While I haven't actually seen you say anything that I would construe as negative or snappy, your decision to focus on the good & ignore the bad is a great one. You gotta think about what kind of people these are that they use the internet for everything it offers to go around telling people they're bad mothers - for no reason at all. They aren't worth your time, you are so much better than that.

    Try & take some time for you (easier said than done I know). Try & remind yourself when things are getting on top of you that when you're done with the study you'll be so proud of yourself

    Stay rad!

  4. Britney:

    Ive talked to you on several occasions; Facebook and Youtube. You are a good mother, very inspirational to other 'young'mothers. You should not worry about peoples opoinions of you or your family; because you have NO CONTROL over them. You know you are a good person, mom and girlfriend...So that is what you need to continue to remind yourself... Stay strong and keep your focus on POSITIVE people.. Remember those who hurt are those who hurt you...or at least TRY TOO!

    XoXo - Jennifer Moore (WesWife1998)

  5. Hi Britney..Good for you for working on blocking out the negativity..I have watched all of your videos for as long as I've been a subscriber and I don't think I've ever found you to be grouchy or any of the words you used to describe yourself lately ..You are an exceptional Mother and always do what's best for your family..I know it hurts when someone says something not so nice about your parenting or lifestyle and you're absolutely right about it being human nature to care about what others think..My Mom had me when she was young, never put me first, and made some really poor choices in our lives which wasn't the best way to grow up. But you are so wonderful to Aria and any child would be blessed to have you as a Mom; I truly mean that. So, have confidence in your parenting, know you are a wonderful person with a great heart, and try your hardest to remember that when negativity comes your way..Thank you also for sharing your life with us!
    PS I thought of you when I came across this quote: “I will not let anyone walk through my mind with their dirty feet.” ~Mahatma Gandhi
    Take Care..Lisa :=)

  6. Good luck ignoring negative comments/people! I know it's hard.
    How do I follow your blog? I can't find the "join this site" button thing to click??

  7. No one says you need to be cheery 24/7 you like inspire me I cant even be that cheery like you are you arent fake and I love that I love your videos the ideas you give me watching you and youre beautiful daughter grow as people its so amazing for you to put yourseld and. Your life out there tou actually answer me when I message you it migjt take a while but it means something im a si ngle 17 just about 18 year old mom and I have those super hard days too they always say you can tell how happy a baby is by how well taken care of and smiley they are in every video I watch she's always smiling looks healthy and its great plus ean looks so supportive and im jealous on that part but no matter what you always wanna know if youre being a good mom as far of most of your subscribers are concerned and myself you are ...a WONDERFUL mom and person keep it up we are here to virtually support you "hugs" im looking forward for when yiu start making vids again if you need the break we understand im sure make sure to try and take some mommy time and enjoy your first mothers day!! Love you and your videos to be honest you make me feek les alone !

  8. Awe Britney ur so sweet:) Dnt wry I understand ur goin through things ur human! Thats sweet of u to apologise that shows u care about ur subscribers! But yes Britney dnt let those haters bring the negativity out in u becus that is not u! But hey if u gta defend urself every now&then go for it girl! I got ur bak!:) Try not to stress pray evrything will pass!&thnku for making videos wen im having a bad day u make it so much better!:)

  9. You have always been the kind of mother others strive to be with such patience and love day in day out. I want to subscribe too. How can I do that?

  10. Never mind. I found the subscribe place!

  11. Hey Britney!
    I know this post is late, but just wanted to say your a great mom. I am 20, a sahm to a 2 year old little boy, part time student, and the wife to an active duty military member. I understand what your going through & you have my support :)